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AgencyPin is a top leading cloud based talent agency software.
Powerful, online, easy to use and secure.

We are the Innovators of the latest features and new processes in software for the model, talent, production and creative sectors. We provide a new generation booking software with a complete solution to run your agencies.

AgencyPin offers a reliable and secure online access, helping easily challenge your agency daily scheduling, agents work management, invoicing, reporting, packages sharing, image processing, tracking and much more. Flexible for group of agencies.

Our mission is to help you manage and grow your talent agency business.

Why us

Welcome to a new era of efficiency and convenience with our innovative software. Discover why clients around the globe are choosing our platform to transform their agency operations. Here's what sets us apart:

Unified information hub
Store all your crucial information in one centralized place, accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection. Our fully online platform eliminates the need for installations, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your agency.
Speed and simplicity
Experience unparalleled speed and simplicity in software usage. Our platform is designed to be lightning-fast, streamlining your workflow and making every task simple and intuitive.
24/7 global support
Your agency operates around the clock, and so does our support. Enjoy 24/7 assistance from anywhere in the world. Our team responds promptly and provides visual solutions to ensure your queries are addressed efficiently.
Custom features on demand
Tailor the software to your agency's unique needs. If there's a feature missing, we've got you covered. We develop custom features by request, ensuring that our software evolves with your business requirements.
Flexible usage with no contracts
Embrace flexibility with our pay-as-you-go model. No contracts, no long-term commitments – use our software on your terms. Cancel anytime without the hassle of contractual obligations.
Effortless data migration
Transition seamlessly from your existing software to ours. If you're using another platform, we offer free data migration within a couple of days. Make the switch effortlessly and continue your operations without disruptions.
Comprehensive website integration
Elevate your online presence with our website management services. Connect your website to our API for seamless data transfer between AgencyPin and your website. Enjoy a synchronized and efficient online ecosystem tailored to your agency's needs.

Join the countless agencies worldwide that have chosen our innovative software to revolutionize their operations. Embrace efficiency, flexibility, and unparalleled support – choose a software solution that adapts to your agency's dynamic needs.


We have all you need and more

Talents section grid view

Talents section profile view

Talents profile gallery

Talents profile gallery

Talents books

Image editor

Talents database

Unlock the full potential of talent management with AgencyPin's superior talent module

Why settle for mediocrity when you can embrace excellence? AgencyPin's talent module emerges as the unrivaled choice, outshining competitors with a myriad of features designed to streamline talent management. Here's why AgencyPin stands head and shoulders above the rest:

Comprehensive talent management
Elevate your talent management game with the ability to oversee and organize talent events, image and video galleries, notes, documents, and even their social life. AgencyPin goes beyond the basics, offering a holistic approach to talent management.

Professional photo editing
Say goodbye to third-party tools – AgencyPin comes equipped with a built-in professional photo editor, simplifying the process of managing and enhancing talent images. Ensure your talent's visual representation is always top-notch.

Website API integration and support
Seamlessly integrate AgencyPin's talent module into your website using our robust API integration. Enjoy reliable support to ensure a smooth and cohesive experience, providing your users with a seamless interface.

Streamlined talent statements
Effortlessly browse and send talent statements with AgencyPin. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage and share statements, keeping your communication with talents clear and concise.

Comprehensive talent chart
Gain valuable insights into your talent pool by viewing and sharing talent charts loaded with all the necessary information. AgencyPin ensures that you have a comprehensive overview at your fingertips, facilitating informed decision-making.

Custom books and Comp Cards
Create custom books effortlessly by selecting images from cloud media folders. Download comp cards with ease, saving time and ensuring that your talent's portfolios are professionally presented.

Talent upload portal
Empower your talents by allowing them to upload their images and videos via their personal login. AgencyPin's user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, fostering collaboration and communication between your agency and talents.

AgencyPin's talent module redefines the standards of talent management, offering a feature-rich and user-centric platform that enhances every facet of the process. From image editing to seamless API integration, our solution empowers your agency to thrive in the dynamic world of talent management. Choose excellence, choose AgencyPin, and experience the future of talent management today.

Booking agenda

Event calendar

Event calendar

Event calendar

Events calendar

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? AgencyPin Booking Calendar stands out as the premier choice, surpassing competitors, thanks to its unparalleled features tailored for talent management and event coordination. Here's why AgencyPin is your go-to solution:

Billing integration
Seamlessly link each calendar event to talent billing, ensuring a direct and effortless financial connection. No more juggling between systems – AgencyPin streamlines the process for you.

Customizable event types
Enjoy the flexibility of creating different event types manually in system settings. Tailor your calendar to your specific needs, making it a dynamic tool that adapts to your unique requirements.

Personal talent chart and overview
Dive deep into individual talent profiles with personalized charts and comprehensive event overviews. AgencyPin puts all the relevant information at your fingertips, facilitating efficient decision-making.

Smart notifications
Stay connected effortlessly with our smart notification options for both talents and clients. Receive timely alerts and updates, ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout the booking process.

Events report
Gain valuable insights with detailed events reports, breaking down each day separately. Understand your booking trends, track performance, and make informed decisions to enhance your agency's efficiency.

Clear event information
Enjoy a crystal-clear overview and detailed information about each event. From essential details to files, accommodation, travel, and location specifics, AgencyPin ensures you have all the information you need in one centralized location.

Booking confirmation with E-Signature
Elevate professionalism with booking confirmations featuring e-signatures. Secure and streamline the confirmation process, leaving no room for uncertainties.

Robust accounting features
Take charge of your finances effortlessly with AgencyPin's accounting module. Manage fees, expenses, commissions, and handle different billing currencies with ease. Create professional invoices and keep your financials in check.

In a world where efficiency and precision matter, AgencyPin Booking Calendar goes above and beyond to provide an all-encompassing solution for talent management and booking coordination. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional calendars and embrace a tool designed to empower your agency and elevate your success. Try AgencyPin today and experience the future of booking calendars.










Elevate your client experience with AgencyPin's superior packages module

Discover the next level of client engagement with AgencyPin's packages module – a game-changer in portfolio management that surpasses competitors with its innovative features. Here's why choosing AgencyPin ensures you stand out in delivering top-notch portfolio experiences:

Stunning portfolio creation
Craft visually stunning portfolio packages using high-definition images and videos effortlessly. AgencyPin's intuitive interface allows you to curate captivating portfolios that showcase your talents in the best light possible.

Effortless e-mail distribution
Streamline your communication by effortlessly e-mailing beautifully curated packages to your business partners with just one click. AgencyPin ensures that your portfolios reach their destination seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression.

Built-in instant chat
Foster direct communication between your business partners and agents using the built-in instant-chat feature within each package. Enhance collaboration, address queries, and facilitate efficient communication, all within the platform.

Diverse template options
Tailor each package to meet the unique needs of your clients with a plethora of template options. Whether it's a specific industry or client preference, AgencyPin provides the flexibility to create bespoke packages that resonate with your audience.

Responsive design
Ensure a brilliant and consistent display across all devices, including mobile phones, with AgencyPin's responsive design. Your portfolio packages will captivate clients and partners, regardless of the device they use, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Customizable talent selection
Choose different talents headshots and book images for each package. AgencyPin empowers you with the ability to customize packages based on the unique characteristics and strengths of each talent, creating a truly personalized experience.

Comprehensive client overview
Gain a full overview of your client activities and seamlessly create jobs and events directly from the package itself. AgencyPin centralizes information, making it easy for you to manage and coordinate client engagements efficiently.

Experience the future of portfolio management with AgencyPin's packages module. From effortless email distribution to real-time communication and stunning responsive design, our platform empowers your agency to deliver unparalleled client experiences. Choose excellence, choose AgencyPin, and redefine the way you showcase and communicate with your clients.

Business partners list

Business partners profile

Business partners files

Business partners

Choosing the right platform for managing your business partnerships can make all the difference, and AgencyPin's business partners module stands out as the superior choice. Here's why our solution outshines competitors and sets the standard for efficient collaboration:

Holistic business partner management
Streamline your business partner relationships with AgencyPin's comprehensive module. Categorize contacts seamlessly, ensuring a structured and organized approach to managing your valuable partnerships.

Efficient contact management
Experience unmatched efficiency with quick search capabilities and advanced filtering. AgencyPin simplifies the process of finding the right contact, enabling you to connect with your business partners effortlessly.

Centralized information hub
Consolidate crucial information within the platform by adding notes, documents, and contacts directly. AgencyPin's centralized hub ensures that all relevant details are easily accessible, fostering transparent and collaborative partnerships.

Invoicing management
Take control of your financial interactions with business partners through AgencyPin. Manage invoices, mother agency statements, and more, all within one integrated system. Stay on top of your financial transactions and facilitate seamless monetary exchanges.

Secure document management
Safeguard important documents related to your business partnerships with AgencyPin's secure document management feature. Rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is protected within the platform.

AgencyPin's business partners module redefines collaboration by offering a feature-rich and streamlined solution for managing your business relationships. From efficient contact management to seamless invoicing, our platform empowers your agency to build and maintain successful partnerships effortlessly.

Newsletter list

Newsletter news


News e-mail view


In a world where effective communication is paramount, AgencyPin's marketing module emerges as the ultimate solution, surpassing competitors with its innovative features. Here's why our platform takes your marketing efforts to new heights:

Beautiful newsletter creation
Elevate your brand with visually stunning newsletters. AgencyPin empowers clients to create captivating newsletters effortlessly, ensuring your message stands out and leaves a lasting impression on both clients and talents.

Audience list management
Seamlessly manage your audience with customizable lists. Create targeted lists for specific campaigns or demographics, optimizing your outreach strategy and ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.

Bulk email messaging
Streamline your communication with the ability to send bulk email messages directly from your agency's personal email address. AgencyPin ensures a professional and personalized touch, enhancing engagement with your recipients.

Comprehensive statistics
Gain valuable insights into your email campaigns with detailed statistics on recipient reactions. Track open rates, click-through rates, and more, allowing you to refine your strategy and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

No hidden costs
Enjoy the freedom of sending emails without incurring additional charges. AgencyPin believes in transparency, and we do not charge clients for any emails sent out from the software. Focus on your marketing strategy without the worry of hidden costs.

GDPR compatibility
Rest easy knowing that your email marketing efforts comply with GDPR regulations. AgencyPin's Marketing Module is designed with data protection in mind, ensuring that your campaigns align with the highest standards of privacy and consent.

Responsive email design
Deliver a visually stunning experience across all devices with responsive email design. Let your clients receive beautiful email newsletters seamlessly, whether they are accessing them from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

AgencyPin's marketing module is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to amplify your agency's communication efforts. From audience list management to GDPR compliance, our platform empowers you to create impactful and engaging email campaigns. Choose excellence, choose AgencyPin, and redefine the way you connect with your clients and talents.

Applications list

Application form


Discover the simplicity and efficiency of talent acquisition with AgencyPin's applications module. Our platform redefines the onboarding process for new talents, making it easier than ever for them to connect with your agency. Here's how AgencyPin transforms talent recruitment:

Effortless application sharing
Say goodbye to cumbersome application processes. With AgencyPin, you can effortlessly share an application link with potential talents. Simplify the recruitment journey, allowing talents to apply seamlessly with just a few clicks.

Centralized talent management
Consolidate all incoming applications in one centralized location within the AgencyPin platform. Simplify talent management by having a clear overview of all applications, making it easy for your team to review, assess, and make informed decisions.

API integration for web applications
Leverage the power of our API to seamlessly forward applications directly from your agency's website to the AgencyPin platform. This integration ensures a real-time transfer of data, providing a seamless experience for both your agency and the aspiring talents.

Data security and privacy
Rest assured that applicant data is handled with the utmost security and privacy. AgencyPin prioritizes data protection, ensuring that talent applications are stored and managed in compliance with the highest industry standards.

AgencyPin's applications module is your gateway to a more efficient and streamlined talent acquisition process. Simplify onboarding, embrace seamless integration, and welcome new talents into your agency effortlessly.

Accounting reports


Quickly manage all finances.

Conveniently view invoices directly from your bookings.

Get a quick insight into your current financial state by using different data filters.

See model balances, generate reports, create model payments, print checks and statements and much more.

Software settings


Additional fields

User permissions


Embark on a journey of unprecedented control and customization with AgencyPin's talent and model management software. Our platform stands out with a robust array of settings designed to empower your agency. Here's a glimpse into the powerful features that set us apart:

User creation with usage permissions
Take command of your agency's hierarchy with our user creation functionality. Assign specific usage permissions to streamline workflows and ensure that each team member accesses only the information relevant to their role. Tailor user roles to match your agency's unique structure.

Custom fields for Talents, Business Partners, and Booking sections
Embrace flexibility with custom fields that cater to the specific needs of your agency. Create tailored data fields for talents, business partners, and booking sections. AgencyPin ensures that your software aligns perfectly with your agency's distinct requirements.

Powerful logs for comprehensive tracking
Gain insights into every action and decision with our powerful logs feature. Track changes, monitor user activities, and maintain a comprehensive record of all interactions within the platform. AgencyPin's logs provide transparency and accountability, fostering efficient collaboration.

Adaptable settings for your agency
Our software settings are not just features; they are tools for shaping a platform that mirrors your agency's identity. AgencyPin provides a level of adaptability that empowers your agency to thrive in its distinct market space.

Experience the power of customization, control, and adaptability with AgencyPin's talent and model management software. Choose a platform that doesn't just meet your agency's needs but exceeds them. Choose excellence, choose innovation, choose AgencyPin.


Annual payment

Price is per user per month

All features included
500GB disk space for images, videos, documents
Full onboarding training
24/7 support
Multi office if needed
Contract/agreement if requested by client
Your agency comp card design
Clear Pricing for Extras
Additional disk storage 500GB: 100 EUR/month
E-signature: 2 EUR/per document
Monthly payment

Price is per user per month

All features included
500GB disk space for images, videos, documents
Full onboarding training
24/7 support
Multi office if needed
Contract/agreement if requested by client
Your agency comp card design
Clear Pricing for Extras
Additional disk storage 500GB: 100 EUR/month
E-signature: 2 EUR/per document

Our clients

We work closely with each our client on daily basis.
This makes their business grow.

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Dan Bolton
Onspire models
Artimo Entertainment
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SC Film Studio

About us

At AgencyPin, our journey began in 2017 with the collaborative efforts of MP Model Management, igniting the vision for an online, ready-to-use software that would revolutionize talent and model management. Fast forward to 2012, and we proudly present a feature-rich platform developed in response to the diverse needs of our valued clients.

Client-centric evolution:

Every feature within AgencyPin is a testament to our commitment to meeting our clients' unique needs. Our software has been fine-tuned through collaboration with clients with multiple offices across the globe, adapting seamlessly to European, US, and UAE markets and complying with the intricacies of 15 different countries.

Global reach, local expertise:

With offices strategically located in Tallinn, Estonia, and Florida, US, we extend our support to clients worldwide. Our global presence allows us to offer localized expertise, ensuring our software aligns with diverse markets and business models.

Versatility at Its core:

AgencyPin's flexibility is the cornerstone of our success. We've crafted our software to be adaptable, enabling us to customize it for other markets and business models effortlessly. Your agency's unique requirements are not just met; they are exceeded with our versatile platform.

Industry-wide impact:

Our client base spans various sectors, including modeling, casting, talent management, filming, and events. The diverse industries we serve attest to the adaptability and effectiveness of our web-based, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly software.

Expert team collaboration:

Behind the scenes, our team comprises industry professionals, from management to industry agents, collaborating with our developers to craft features that resonate with the unique demands of talent and model management. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every aspect of our software.

Innovative, accessible, intuitive:

As pioneers in the industry, we have crafted a completely web-based, mobile-friendly software that prioritizes accessibility and ease of use. AgencyPin is not just a tool; it's a gateway to efficiency, innovation, and unparalleled user experience.

Join the ranks of industry leaders who have embraced the AgencyPin advantage. Choose a software solution that evolves with your agency, providing unmatched flexibility, innovation, and global support.


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